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OBIPD Observatorio Internacional de la Profesión Docente
The OBIPD  “Observatorio Internacional de la Profesión Docente” is a platform for information, discussion, reflection and exchange of knowledge and experience in the teaching professionalism from a multidimensional perspective. Promoted by FODIP Group of the Didacticts and Educational Organization  Department of University of Barcelona, the OBIPD  the has more than 20 International Institutions and Universities in Europe and Latin America to study, research, plan and training of teaching professionalism, in university, education and training areas.
RELFIDO "“RED EUROPA – LATINOAMERICA DE FORMACION Y INVESTIGACION DOCENTE UNIVERSITARIA” is an international network of scientific and technical cooperation which operates in the field of teacher training and innovation. RELFIDO aims are to develop common activities that facilitate interaction, cooperation and knowledge transfer among its members on priority themes of common interest and to develop activities with the aim of identifying and keep their members in key positions on the issue. Since February 2005, the I.S.P.E.F. is the Italian partner and founding member of the Project, coordinated by the group FODIP Universidad de Barcelona (Departament de didáctica Educational Organització) and the Virtual University of Barcelona